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Liquor Licenses

We broker quota liquor licenses throughout the State of Florida.  We strive to set the standard in the entire State of Florida.  No gimmicks, no tire-kicking, we just consistently offer honest and direct service, based on experience






Types & Series

The type of license you have will greatly impact your business.  Knowing which license you need is important.  It makes a big difference.

The reason that you may have seen liquor licenses in Florida being called “quota” liquor licences, is due to the fact that they are directly proportionate to the amount of people residing within the county limits. While there may be drastic differences in population between counties, there will always be a finite number of quota liquor licenses for each county within Florida. Many people confuse this with licenses obtained by means of a liquor license lottery.  The lottery, too, is dictated by the trends of a population within issuing counties.  Just make sure that you understand the differences between how the TYPE and SERIES of license will govern the ability for your business to sell spirituous beverages.

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 Many clients approach us about how to decipher what price to expect when purchasing, or selling, a quota liquor license.  Why such differences from county to county?

It can be easy to misunderstand the pricing variances between counties, but the easiest way that we have found to explain it, is to compare it to the purchase and sale of real estate.  When purchasing real estate, it is common knowledge that the specific location of the home or business will have a vast impact on the closing price.  It all comes back to the lessons we learned in business school; Location, Location, Location!

Obtaining a license for your business to legally sell alcohol can be viewed in much the same way.  Many factors lend themselves to the status of the current market trends, and often become the distinguishing factor between choosing to become a licensed premises, or not.  While there are some shared aspects, with which liquor licenses and real estate can be compared, there are also some notable stipulations that set them apart from other industries as well.

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State & Local Regulation

What works in one area, may not be allowed, a few blocks over.  Know your area.  It definitely matters.

Quota liquor licenses (4COP & 3PS most often) can move anywhere within the county it was delegated, but NEVER beyond the county lines.  So, trying to move a license issued for a Hillsborough business, to say, Dade will not be an option.  That given, it becomes easier to understand how many factors are influenced with a single restriction.  There are also specific regulations beyond even a county level with quota liquor licenses in Florida as well.  Depending on where your establishment is located within the issuing county, there are also city and municipal regulations to observe as well.

Because the various municipalities and zoning requirements tend to vary their ordinances and bylaws so frequently, navigating the appropriate channels can be tumultuous.  This has consistently been one of the most obvious characteristics that separates Beverage License Consultants from business brokers and real estate agents moreover.  We are constantly maintaining the most accurate and informative database pertaining to licensure in Florida.  Nobody knows more about licensing, has our track record, and shares the size of our business networks anywhere within Florida, and anywhere else in the country.  We know the specifics of Florida laws, down to the last detail.  And should you require further legal assistance for a particular circumstance, we work closely with a very small group of attorneys, whom specialize specifically in beverage law.  We know our state, our peers and colleagues, and the Florida hospitality industry better than anybody.

Does Liquor Make A Difference?


If you already understand how retail liquor beverages can increase your profit margins substantially, you can see, the numbers speak for themselves. Although the profitability of liquor is likely to become a key player in your business’s success, we encourage you to speak with us about your particular situation.





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