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Merchant Cash Advances

Our Programs Can Put Money In Your Account In Just 24 Hrs!

By choosing to participate in our MCA and ACH Programs, we have the ability to advance you capital against your future sales. You will not have to offer anything as collateral and your credit will not determine your approval. We offer several       different repayment methods such as fixed daily, weekly or monthly payments, a percentage of gross monthly sales or a     percentage of credit card sales. One of our funding specialists will create the best plan for your business cash flow needs. 

9 Reasons Business Owners Apply For Our Funding

· Smart, fast and flexible

· No up-front costs

· We have an A Rating with the BBB

· No personal guarantee

· No collateral necessary

· Bad credit or no credit not a disqualifier

· Cash in as little as 24 hours

· Additional funding available over time

· Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable


Merchant Cash Advance

It’s important to note that a Merchant Cash Advance is not a loan; it is a purchase and sale. Basically, it’s a “cash-flow friendly” way to access capital and works particularly well for  business owners who are comfortable having the amount they remit fluctuate with daily sales. Instead of sending a large amount once a month, a flat percentage of your business’s credit and debit card sales are automatically remitted daily. A larger amount is sent on busy sales days than on slow days. The process stops automatically when your business delivers the total amount future credit card receipts that it’s sold. This is by far the most flexible and sought after program we offer. Some advantages that make this program so flexible include:


· No personal collateral is needed

· A stellar credit history is not required to qualify

· There are no checks to write

· On a slow day you remit less; on a busy day you remit more

· Remittances are made through processing regular credit card sales—you can remain 100% focused on growing the business

· There is no set maturity date and no pre-set payment amount

· It is quick and easy when compared to other options such as a traditional loan

Business Line of Credit

The business line of credit is an easy way for people to fund their business ventures. Upon approval, you will have access to the funds you need, without a restriction on what you need to borrow. You will be able to draw down on the credit line, but you will only pay for the money that you use.  As you build up a track record more funds can be made available to you. If your business has been open for at least six months and does an average of $10k per month, you can apply for a line of credit.

Business ACH Advance

If your business accepts cash, checks or other type of money transfers then the straight business advance is for  you. In order to qualify for this type of program, you will need to meet the following requirements:


· Minimum average monthly sales of $10,000 or more

· Minimum average daily balance of $1,000 in your bank account

· Minimum of at least five deposits every month

· No more than 5 insufficient funds checks in 3 months

· Your FICO score is above 500




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